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Giving Back

AL-Rehman Welfare Trust, is a locally registered, non-government, not-for-profit welfare trust incorporated in 2008 at Karachi. We have no religious, sectarian, ethnic or political affiliations.

Help Pakistan is an initiative of AL-Rehman Welfare Trust, simultaneously started as a poverty-focused project for the support of the needy, for developing their skills and for making them self-sufficient members of the society. Our objective is to become a bridge between poverty-stricken people and donors by providing financial assistance for food and critical medical treatment to impoverished families in Pakistan.

We also provide support to find employment and finance education, vocational training for the underprivileged. Later, one or more of the family members are supported in finding a job, doing some home based work like stitching and embroidery, push cart selling or anything based on their interest & skill set. The people chosen to be provided with relief are selected by our team from shanty towns, urban slums and katchi abadis or referred to us. We also pursue disaster relief or special projects based upon their critical nature.